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TOLCOLOR is specialized in the transformation of

What is "prepainted"?

The strengths of prepainted

The prepainting is obtained by roller coating organic liquids (lacquers - primers) or plastic films (PVC - PVF) on bare cold-rolled steel substrates or coated with a metal alloy.

Maximum corrosion resistance

Regularity of color and appearance

The corrosion resistance, the hardness of the lacquer as well as its formability, the temperature resistance, the color, the surface finish (structure) and the gloss, are all parameters to be taken into account for the preparation of the prepainted.

Increased productivity by eliminating

post-painting operations

Our suppliers, who are among the best European producers, can design, develop and produce all types of pre-painted products in order to meet the most demanding requirements.

Space saving by eliminating lines

of painting but also the elimination of environmental and safety risks related to these facilities

Great ease of implementation

Sectors of activity of prepainted

Roofing, cladding, exterior finishing pieces ...

Metal furniture, shelving ...

Small and large appliances

Lighting, display panels ...

Ventilation, air conditioning, heating ...


Closet doors

Exterior garage doors, entrance doors ...

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